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It’s All About Humans

September 21st, 2022

The Two Marketeers are pumped for a brand new season – Season 3! Hosts Sean and Lindsay talk about what's new and different this season, and how it's all about marketing and the human experience.

The Right to Disconnect

June 23rd, 2022

The Two Marketeers dedicate their last recording of Season 2 to the timely headline of Ontario's new 'Right to Disconnect' law. As Sean and Lindsay are about to set off on a well deserved two month break from recording, they discuss the value of taking time to literally disconnect from work – even if you love what you do for a living.

The Right to Disconnect is an important legislative step, but for The Two Marketeers it goes beyond the law. It's about giving yourself the time to examine how you live and work on terms that support your aspirations. And, as Sean puts it, "Call out the BullS#!t"! Take it from two freelance consultants, legal or not, this is an opportunity to reimagine the role of work in your life and what unplugging looks like – on your terms.

Season 3 is set to land in the Fall of 2022 so enjoy this episode and stay tuned for what's to come. Happy summer, Marketeers!

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What is ‘Good Creative’ Anyway?

June 8th, 2022

Marketeers, have you ever heard of the term ‘Creative Effectiveness’? Well until this episode Sean hadn’t (so he did his homework!). Lindsay, on the other hand, came to the conversation with some invaluable intel.

Creative effectiveness is something ad agency pros have been discussing and debating for many years as new platforms, communication methods and performance metrics continue to evolve at lightning speed. Most recently though, James Hurman in association with WARC and Cannes LIONS have upped the game. Developing the Creative Effectiveness Ladder: a measurement framework that categorizes and values creative work based on its impact on specific business objectives.

Join The Two Marketeers, as Sean and Lindsay share real-life experiences and debate their personal views on this ground-breaking practice and its potential impact on the future of marketing. Insights not to be missed! Happy listening.

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Detoxing the Beauty Conversation

May 25th, 2022

Their latest contribution to the beauty conversation, The Two Marketeers dedicate this episode to what they’ve cleverly coined as "punch-in-the-gut-vertising". Hosts Sean and Lindsay examine Dove's latest #detoxyourfeed campaign which aims to de-normalize potentially toxic beauty advice pervasive on social media. As part of the Dove Self-Esteem Project, the campaign targets teen girls’ social media feeds and gives them, and their parents, tools to help them define what “beauty” means for themselves.

As puts it, "Dove is looking to counter bad [beauty] advice by encouraging girls to tune out on the toxic content and urging parents to key in on what their daughters are watching.”

This one gets personal Marketeers, as Lindsay and Sean struggle to distinguish between their perspectives and experiences as both marketers and parents. The provocative question they raise is a common one: Is social media to blame? Listen to the full episode and find out.


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